Archery GB Progress Awards

The Archery GB Progress Awards are designed to provide younger archers with awards for developing their archery skills.

The award requires an archer to shoot 3 dozen arrows at standard distances dependent on gender, age and bow style and to achieve a specific minimum score.

The award comprises a rectangular badge showing the Archery GB logo and the word “progress” on a coloured background. Badges are available from Archery GB and cost 2 pounds, the club will order these on your behalf

The scheme is administered by our club Coach. Full details, including the distance and score requirements are available from the club Coach or the ArcheryGB website.

The Rules:

  • Six sighters to be followed immediately by three dozen scored arrows.
  • You can shoot Imperial Rounds (5 zone scoring) at a 120cm face, and Metric rounds (10 zone scoring) at either 120cm or 80cm face
  • The three dozen arrows may be shot alone or as the first three dozen of a longer round at each distance.
  • To make an award claim a signed and witnessed score sheets needs to be submitted to the club Coach.

The awards are as follows in ascending order:

White Black Blue Red Gold