Classification Awards

Classifications can be earned during the summer shooting season, once earned they are valid for a year before you have to renew (or improve!) them. Certificates are awarded at the annual prize giving and you have the option to purchase an enamelled badge. (The club Captain will send emails about purchases of badges prior to the prize giving, while you are free to purchase badges yourself at any time we try to negotiate discounts through bulk purchases on behalf of members wherever possible.)

Classifications are earned by submitting three qualifying scores from that year, your classification status is calculated by the club Records Officer from every score you hand in (along with your current Handicap). If you would like to query your current classification status or have questions about how they are calculated please contact the Captain as they will possess copies of the calculation tables and your current status.

At the club you can earn classifications for Third Class, Second Class, First Class and Bowman. If you go to external "Record Status" competitions you can also earn Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman.

Full details from Archery GB are available on their Classifications and Handicaps pages.